Looking for the cheapest and most affordable tyre option?

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  1. Most affordable option
  2. A great option for smaller cars driven around town
  3. A better option than 2nd hand tyres
  4. Not overly successful on larger cars or vehicles travelling at frequent high speeds
  5. Can compromise a modern cars safety and handling features

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Are you wanting to purchase the best value tyre (dollar per km)?

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  1. Constructed of high quality materials for long life
  2. Give a reasonable ride quality ie: low noise, smooth comfortable ride
  3. In the majority of cases gives the best dollar per kilometre value out of all available options

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Is long life, premium ride quality, handling ability & safety important?

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  1. Offers a high ride quality
  2. Premium handling ability, a good grip for cornering and stopping
  3. Compliments your cars safety and handling features
  4. Made from high quality materials
  5. Long life
  6. Low noise


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Are you looking for safety, exceptional ride quality and performance?

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  1. Made with the highest quality materials possible
  2. Developed from extensive research and testing
  3. The safest tyre option available
  4. The best tyres for handling performance
  5. Shortest stopping distance in both wet and dry conditions
  6. Compliments all modern cars safety features
  7. Long life
  8. Very Low noise

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