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When you need a one stop tyre and wheel alignment shop in Whangarei, contact Vuletich Wheel Alignment and Tyre Services. We provide the finest quality wheel alignments and tyres at the best possible prices.

Tyre and wheel alignment services include

  • Quality, proper wheel alignments (no shortcuts)

  • Tyre sales and service

  • Supply and fit leading tyre brands

  • Honest and helpful service

  • Steering and suspension repairs

  • Balancing

  • Computerised tyre testing and fault finding

Why Choose Vuletich Wheel Alignment and Tyre Services?

  • Wheel alignments performed by a qualified mechanic with 26 years’ experience solely in wheel alignments
  • Every vehicle gets a full and proper wheel alignment (no shortcuts). Camber, caster, shims and all 4 wheels adjusted when needed
  • Only tyre shop in Northland that has computerised diagnostic equipment to identify and solve pulling and shaking issues
  • Only tyre shop in Northland that can accurately balance 4x4s and cars with larger wheels
  • Free maintenance package (rotations and punctures for the life of every tyre sold)
  • Right advice
  • Competitive prices

Tyres & Wheel Alignment Whangarei

Whangarei’s Top Choice Tyre Shop: Vuletich Tyres & Wheel Alignment Services

Located in the heart of Whangarei, Vuletich Tyres & Wheel Alignment is your trusted local tyre shop, proudly serving the community for decades. Our commitment to top-tier workmanship, honest advice, transparent services, and unparalleled expertise in wheel alignment is the reason we stand out.

Choose from a diverse range of premium tyre brands. Whether you’re searching for budget-friendly Hifly tyres, the superior handling and safety of Continental tyres or the rugged durability of Cooper tyres, we’ve got you covered.

Why Vuletich Stands Out:

  • Unbeatable Accuracy: Our wheel alignment services are renowned for precision that goes beyond just adjusting the front toe.  To ensure the best handling and even tyre wear for your vehicle we carry out a complete wheel alignment of all steering angles including camber and caster adjustments.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: As the exclusive tyre shop in Whangarei—and the whole of New Zealand—to offer computerised road tests with the Hunter GSP9700, we’re at the forefront of tyre technology. This advanced machine not only optimises vehicle handling and driver comfort but also ensures each tyre meets our stringent quality standards. Plus, our unique 40mm spindle capability means we’re the sole provider in Northland for accurate tyre balancing on 4x4s and cars with larger wheels.
  • Decades of Experience: Need advice on car tyres? With over 30 years in the business, Brett Vuletich is Whangarei’s tyre expert, always ready to guide you in selecting the perfect tyres for your vehicle.

Get in Touch: Ready for top-quality tyre and wheel alignment services?  Contact Vuletich Wheel Alignment and Tyre Services in Whangarei to book an appointment today!

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