Are all Wheel Alignments equal?

Actually no they are not.  Unfortunately it has become common practice these days to have only the front toe adjusted and be told it is a wheel alignment, (commonly referred to as a toe-and-go).

What is the difference between a proper Wheel Alignment and a toe-and-go?

A proper wheel alignment includes adjustment of all steering angles.  This includes adjustment of camber and caster angles using shims or cams as well adjusted the toe.  A proper wheel alignment will also adjust angles in the rear in vehicles that are adjustable.

How do I know I’m getting a proper wheel alignment?

Ask if they will correct camber and caster angles using shims or cams, and ask if they are going to set up torsion bar ride heights. Will they adjust the steering wheel position if required?  If they cannot adequately answer any of these questions, you may be wasting your time and hard earned money.

If someone offers you a cheap or even free wheel alignment chances are you are only getting a toe-and-go.

Sure they may have the latest technology, here at Vuletich Tyres  we also have the latest “Hunter” wheel alignment machine.  However, every machine is only the measuring tool. The final quality of the job is totally dependent on the mechanic themselves.

When Brett started doing wheel alignments over 26 years ago there was no such thing as a non-mechanic doing wheel alignments. It just wasn’t heard of. Then one by one, wheel alignment machines started popping up in tyre shops and the next day a sign would appear saying ‘specialist’. Let me ask you something, if I purchased a piano would that straight away make me an expert pianist?

Brett Vuletich is an A-grade mechanic who has over 26 years of experience in wheel alignments alone. In that time, he has performed over 50,000 wheel alignments himself. Brett has a wealth of experience in any vehicle, old or new.

If you want to treat your vehicle to the latest technology as well as the most experience, Vuletich Wheel Alignment and Tyre Services is undoubtedly your best choice. We always perform true and full wheel alignments and camber/caster shims, or eccentric cams are adjusted when applicable.

When it comes to Wheel Alignments:

We fix the problems others can’t

When you need a wheel alignment, get it done right the first time! Call Vuletich Wheel Alignment and Tyre Services today!