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Are All Alignments Created Equal? You might be surprised to learn that no they are not.  Many “alignment” services don’t offer comprehensive adjustments. Some providers only adjust the front toe, which is what we call a “toe-and-go”. But a true alignment is a more detailed process.

Keys to Recognizing A Genuine Alignment: A legitimate alignment goes beyond the basics. It involves adjusting all steering angles, including camber and caster, using precise shims or cams. Rear angles can also be adjusted when possible. If you’re getting just a toe-and-go, you’re missing out on full value.

How to Ensure You’re Securing Whangarei’s Best Alignment? When discussing your alignment, ask service providers about their service. Do they adjust camber and caster angles? What about setting torsion bar ride heights or correcting your steering wheel position? Unclear or hesitant answers could indicate a less-than-optimal service.

Top-Tier Technology and Expertise, The Vuletich Difference: We boast the latest Hunter alignment machine. But quality alignment is as much about the technician’s expertise as it is about advanced tools. The latest tech alone doesn’t create an expert; the team’s proficiency does. A tool is only as good as the team using it.

Why Whangarei Chooses Vuletich for Alignment: With over 30 years in the field and more than 60,000 alignments to their credit, Vuletich Tyres & Alignment stands as Whangarei’s trusted expert. They’ve handled everything from classic cars to the newest models.

Opt for Vuletich Tyres & Alignment for the perfect blend of the latest technology and unmatched expertise. We promise comprehensive wheel alignments, adjusting camber/caster shims and eccentric cams whenever necessary.

Our Promise to Whangarei – Alignments Perfected: In Whangarei and need an impeccable wheel alignment? Vuletich Tyres & Wheel Alignment are here to serve. Reach out today!


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